We are a International Ministry dedicated to the call of God “to win souls”. It is our PASSION AND PURPOSE. Our mission is to equip men and women from ALL WALKS OF LIFE, for the purpose and use of the Kingdom of Christ.
It is our PASSION to set up and plant churches in countries wherever God leads us and provides for us an opening to go in and be a blessing to the people there. So far we have set up TWO SUCH CHURCHES, NSCO MINISTRY PAKISTAN AND NSCO MINISTRY NIGERIA. We are not limited to these areas but we are looking to go into ALL THE WORLD, as long as God leads. And of course our Annual Conference ‘DIVAS BY DESIGN INTERNATIONAL” a celebration of the women who God has touched and changed their lives.

Here at home our Corporate Church in California has programs to soul win, build up christians through the word. We have a program for women “DIVAS HAVING TEA” counseling and christian coaching. HER KLOSET, provides clothing for these women from off the streets who have come to know the Lord through our ministry. Coming is our Transitional Housing for women and one for men.

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  1. mechelle says:

    “God is so good, and he has given me the ability to be able to communicate with each of you on a personal level.
    Please check back and learn all kinds of things about beauty, not just outside beauty, but inward beauty.
    I am not impressed with the worlds view of beauty and you should not be either. It is not real, it is an illusion and you can never optain an illustion, it will always escape you.
    why because it is not real. I will be talking about real beauty. Beauty that YOU CAN ACHEIVE. please visit often and feel free to comment on any and all subjects.

  2. mechelle says:

    wow, this amazing what you can do with your computer. Please check out the website, it is amazing and I feel very proud to be able to offer it to you.

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